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“This book has completely flipped my life. I have read it 4 times and I want to give it to all my friends, family and clients.

What The Hell Are You Chasing has helped me see that I have had things the wrong way around all my life. I highly recommend this book – it will change your life.”

Adam Dykes, Former Captain, Cronulla Sharks
When You LET GO Of How You Think It SHOULD Be, Life Becomes What You Have Been Striving So Hard For All Of These Years

Andrew Roberts - What The Hell Are You ChasingYou may not be aware of it, but a very powerful force is at work in your life. When you accept your life for what it is, and begin recognizing all that you already have – new and amazing things will enter into your world.

This book will teach you how to stop chasing a mirage and help you live a more complete life, full of energy, prosperity and joy. It will teach you that by slowing down, you will in effect speed up. You will learn that your goals and dreams will happen when you learn to stop chasing them.

You can use “What The Hell Are You Chasing” to make just a few changes in your life or do a complete overhaul.

Discover How Easy It Is To:

  • Stop attracting things you don’t want
  • Increase your happiness and attract more opportunities in to your life
  • Increase your business – customer clients and referrals
  • Attract your ideal mate and ideal relationship
  • Discover your true calling or career


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Andrew Roberts

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