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More About The Book And Videos …

The First 3 Chapters Of “What The Hell Are You Chasing”

These chapters explain the first and second disciplines of 7 that I believe will help you “FLIP YOUR LIFE”

Discipline 1: Get On the Right Path

As you work through this chapter, you’ll discover:

  • Chapter 2: Get On The Right Pathhow to follow your heart, your instincts and your inner warnings (or ‘taps’)
  • how to understand that negative events in your life can indicate that you’re on the wrong path and are invariably something you can be grateful for
  • how important it is to experience beta energy in your daily life
  • to appreciate that in order to find inner peace you need to eliminate the white noise from your consciousness

Discipline 2: We Get What We Focus On

As you work through this chapter, you’ll discover:

  • Chapter 3: e Get What We Focus Onworry is not going to help you
  • how to understand and control your emotions
  • how to stop focusing on what you don’t want and focus on what you do want instead
  • how to change your thinking
  • how to pay attention
  • how to create your own reality

VIDEO 1: Are You On The Right Bus?

Are You On The Right BusAre you being 100% true to yourself, or are you living your life to another kind of standard?

There’s a section on slowing down and simplifying which can have a profound positive influence on your life, and the video outlines 7 key strategies to create more flow in your life.

VIDEO 2: Getting Clarity In Your Life

Getting ClarityDid you know that a lot of people spend more time planning for their wedding, than planning for the rest of their life?

However, developing a deep understanding about what it is that you want from your life (clarity) is one of the most powerful thing you can do for yourself.

The video outlines a step by step process for implementing this in your own life.

BONUS: Handy Resource Downloads

The resources page contains supplementary information to help you implement the 7 disciplines that are covered in my book: What The Hell Are You Chasing?

Andrew Roberts

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