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Andrew Roberts

Who Are YOU?

It’s interesting.  I personally used to have an idea that I was going to be this person …

“I am a HARD Hitting businessman who owns a HUGE business that employes thousands of people and makes lots of money”

… And then I realised that this just wasn’t me, that I wasn’t born to do this.

And that is OK.

In this I found the saying, “when you let go of how you think it should be and embrace your life for what it is, your life will magically become the one you have been striving hard for all of your life”

The key here is ‘let go’ and  realise that you are already on your mission – and everything is in amazing order. This is often a challenging concept to understand, but it is also very life changing once you do.

I like to summarise this journey into 3 steps:
  1. Identify your mission
  2. Accept your mission
  3. Enjoy your mission

I’ve found that when I stop pushing, and SLOW DOWN AND SIMPLIFY my life, amazing things happen to me.

Andrew Roberts

I have designed an Online Course to help you IDENTIFY YOUR MISSION …
At the end of the course, here are just some of the benefits you will take away …
  • 5 Steps To Identifying Your MissionFull clarity about what you want from your life and how you are going to get it
  • An understanding of how to find flow in your life and how you can use this to eliminate stress and anxiety
  • An understanding of what your mission and purpose is in life, and 5 steps that will help you find this
  • How to slow down and simplify your life and why this will make such a huge impact.
  • How to find true peace and happiness with who you are, and how this will attract amazing opportunities into your life

I believe this course will change your life forever, it will prove to be a fun and exhilarating way to do so.

Order The "Mission" Program

Feedback from people who’ve completed the course …

“The course changed the way I actually live my live – not just in a business sense – but in my relationships and within myself as well. It’s actually given me a really great and simple set of tools to make sense of the nonsense that sometimes goes around in your head. It’s helped me function better on a daily basis – what the course does is de-clutter the world around you.

For those of you who’ve got an inclination to do the course …

Jump On! Do it. You won’t regret it.”

Bruce Dawson

“To me, it’s like everything in my life has led me to this point and now I am totally ready to internalise what you have put forward. Without what seemed at the time all the wrong decisions in my life I would never have been ready to surrender and feel the incredible way I feel right now. For the first time I really do feel like letting go.”
Michael Dunne, Godfreys Franchisee

The 5 Steps To Identifying Your Mission Training Modules …
Step 1

Step 1 – SERVE

A great mission needs to be bigger than you.

Step 2

Step 2 – STOP

Explains why you are more effective when you slow slow down, with the four toll to help you “sharpen your instinctual sword”

Step 3

Step 3 – LISTEN

How to a) listen to what your instincts are telling you and b) how to act on those instincts

Step 4

Step 4 – LEAVE

Leave your comfort zone is about discovering your mission in the place where fear has previously held you back

Step 5

Step 5 – GOLD

The Gold is in your dirt is a concept which refers to turning previous challenges in your life into the areas in which you can give the greatest value.

How to write your mission statement

How To Write Your Mission Statement

When you get clear on the “why” and the “what”, the “how” presents itself, and this section guides you through the nuts and bolts of a personal mission statement.


5 Steps To Identifying Your Mission WorkbookThe 5 Steps To Identifying Your Mission Workbook should be your Bible for the duration of this course.

It has been designed as a supplement to the video content. It summarises the content and has space for you to make notes and complete the activities for each module.

Order The "Mission" Program

“WOW, I feel I have a long way to go, and I sometimes think that finding my mission is never going to happen. However, it is nice to know that maybe, just maybe, Im in a holding pattern right now and that it will come to me one day when I least expect it. I certainly intend on working through the 5 steps and see what comes, and I am putting pen to paper writing my Intention Statement starting now.

I’m looking forward to the journey!!”


And if you’re not completely satified? Not a problem.

200% Money Back GuaranteeOur 200% Money Back Guarantee

When you buy the 5 Steps To Identifying Your Mission, you get a 200% money back guarantee. That means you can test it out for 30 days, with no risk to you.

If you’re not happy with the 5 Steps To Identifying Your Mission training for any reason, we have no hesitation in giving you 100% of your course fee back for 30 days after purchase – no questions asked.


In fact, we have absolute confidence that if you apply the strategies from this training, you will get great results.


5 Steps To Identifying Your Mission Online Course
VALUE: $495

5 Steps To Identifying Your Mission Workbook
VALUE: $97


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